The Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards

Bacche Sabse Acche Program

The innocence of a child is a treasure to behold. Children are the most beautiful entity bestowed with the power to lead mankind in future. Keeping this in mind, the spirit of community India has taken up an initiative to appreciate the efforts of children serving the community to their best. ‘Bacche Sabse Acche’ is the initiative that empowers school children (the catalyst of improvement) by acknowledging their efforts for social causes.  The ‘Pramerica Spirit of Community Award 2020’ is one of the prestigious events in the world that honor pure souls who are saving humanity by addressing several social issues that are deeply rooted evils hindering growth and development of living beings on earth.

About Spirit of Community India

From education to animal welfare, healthcare to environment conservation, supporting people with special needs to  helping in any way possible, these paragon of virtue are leaving no stone unturned to bring a change for a better future. These school volunteers/students are working silently towards shaping our future to their best capability.  If you know someone whose contribution for community welfare needs to be appreciated and recognized,  feel free to nominate him/her/them for the ‘Pramerica Spirit of Community Award 2020’.