Why Japanese boy stands in front of cremation pyre, carrying dead body of his little brother ?

An image of a Japanese boy carrying dead body of his baby brother on his soldiers is going viral.

This image is connected with 1945.During World War II, a Japanese boy stood in front of a cremation pyre and waited for his turn to cremate his dead little brother.

Joe O’Donnell, the American photographer who clicked this picture is on record having said, that the child was biting his lips so hard to prevent crying that blood was dripping down the corner of his mouth.

When the guard of the crematorium asked, ′′Give me the load you carry on your back′′, Child replied, IT IS NOT A CARGO, HE’S MY BROTHER′′.

In Japan even today, this image is used as a symbol of strength. So painful yet so inspiring, it looks.


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  1. If you look around the world, we’re still repeating same mistakes which we did 100s years ago
  2. Not brothers in arms but brothers in love… Truly Heart wrenching.
  3. Don’t know what to say after read his story 🙁 only one thing that his love for brother is amazing and salute for him

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